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At Telling Tales, we take a collective approach and bring teams together for each

project to deliver the best result. Sometimes, it is about who you know... and TTP have been lucky to know and work with some of the best... Here are just a few of them…

Founder / Director


Katy Raffin


Katy founded Telling Tales in 2020 to make films that make people think or laugh, and to work with really nice people, basically. 


An experienced TV Producer starting in live children's TV, Katy spent over a decade at Comic Relief, and  was lucky to work with incredible people in front of and behind the camera, travelling extensively to make films highlighting issues that need support.  It was here she was motivated by the people brave enough to tell their stories.


Since going freelance, she has produced and directed work for Red Nose Day USA, Stand Up to Cancer, Game 4 Grenfell on Sky, Soccer Aid, Planet Child on ITV and Comic Relief for the BBC as well as other TV shows, live events and challenges.


These films have resulted in millions of pounds raised for good causes around the world.  This all makes her sound very serious. She is really not. 



Emily Mayhew-Archer


Emily is the brains, passion and tenacity behind our Soccer Aid films, and the central contact for the teams and crews at UNICEF in the UK and all over the world. 

She works closely with them to find the best stories and locations for us to film. 


With a background in journalism and TV including history shows for BBC2, Bear Grylls: Escape from Hell, A&E Live for ITV, and five years at Comic Relief, which had her travelling everywhere from Belfast to Bangladesh finding and filming stories for the BBC flagship campaigns Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. 


When she's not juggling time zones and stories and generally raising money for great causes she can be found project managing her house renovation, wrangling her cat, her family, and is a wonder woman who also has a side hustle that involves calligraphy and Christmas. 

Head of Production


Jacqui Sexton

We rely on Jacqui to keep us all on the straight and narrow with her ninja like skills in budgeting, planning and logistics. She works as Head of Production on the Soccer Aid films as well as other TTP projects and quite frankly we would be lost without her. 


With years of experience in TV production working on everything from documentaries, reality television and factual entertainment formats, shooting all over the world,  as well as many years in house at Comic Relief overseeing content for the UK and US campaigns.


But that is not all, as her creativity does not end with accounting - in her time at  TTP she has already also been in the art department, worked as autocue operator and starred as an extra in various science experiments.

Her willingness to turn her hand to anything is just one of the many reasons we love having her on our team. 


Production Co-ordinator


Vicky Astley

Vicky (AKA V-Dubz) is a welsh rarebit - and if youre lucky you might get to meet her as she helps us launch the company into the stratosphere by way of all things admin! 


Vicky has worked in TV for years, originally as PA to a TV Chief Executive - working across shows such as the BAFTA Awards, Take That Live at the O2 and Being N-Dubz. She then moved into Production as Production Secretary on BBC's hilarious Saturday night entertainment series: Let's Dance for Comic Relief.


Charity beckoned after her stints working alongside the Red Nose Day team and she soon took over as PA to the Broadcast department at Comic Relief, where she  worked for 7 happy years.  After leaving to start a family, Vicky is now thrilled to be back in house with the TTP team - She says: 

Nothing beats women supporting women and that is exactly the mantra in the TTP family. 




Sam Webb


An experienced Director and Producer both on location and in the edit, we were lucky to have been able to work with Sam on the films for Soccer Aid in 2021, and we love working on any and all creative projects with him.  


With credits as diverse as Prince Harry in Africa and David Beckham: For the Love of the Game to Fishing Impossible and Snow, Sex and Suspicious Parents, Sam brings his unique story-telling ability to everything he does.   Through his work with Comic Relief, Children in Need, Soccer Aid and VE/VJ Day at BBC Events he has become specialised in stories which tackle incredibly tough subjects with emotion and humour, and has total respect for the people he films.


He is also very nice and very tall which really is very helpful sometimes.  

He has a cat called Pablo who looks nice but he has plans that would shock you to your very core.

Design Consultant


Bex Allen-Cavanagh  

Bex makes people and companies look good.  And we all need a friend like that, dont we.


A Yorkshire native gone south only geographically,  Bex has a wealth of experience in design, charity, talent production as well as web and content creation, making her and her portfolio of skills an incredible asset to all of the work we do.  So thanks, Bex!

She designed Telling Tales' marvellous logo and worked with us to create a vibrant and approachable brand identity that can run through everything we do as we grow.  She’s also been the creative mastermind behind this very website. 


Bex is passionate about making content for good causes and organisations with good vibes.  

Find out more about Bex here:


Talent Producer


Dean Swift

Dean is a BAFTA nominated talent producer & influencer relationship expert, with over 15 years experience.

An independent consultant, he works on UK & global charity and TV campaigns that raise millions of pounds and priceless awareness.

Credits include Red Nose Day, Sport Relief, SU2C, Movember, Malaria No More, and The United Nations. 


He's worked with TTP on projects for The NET, SU2C and Macmillan Cancer Support and we are always plotting more for the future.


Find out about Dean at: 



Producer Director / Media Consultant


Vicci Moyles


Vicci is a triple threat: Writer, Producer, Publicist and probably anything else she turns her hands to.   She has a wealth of experience in the charity sector, and great storytelling skills that have moved her into producing emotional and compelling filmed content. 

Vicci produced and directed the Cancer Research UK chats with TTP - a series of conversations between people living with cancer, and those who love them.  We will also be turning to her for all our PR and media needs.


Find out more at:


Lighting Camera Operator/Editor


Aaron Witchard  

Aaron is a lighting cameraman who also edits, and he did both beautifully on our films for both Stand Up to Cancer and a series for Cancer Research UK, thereby proving he’s as comfortable filming serious and intimate conversations as science experiments with flying foam bullets, basketballs and balloons. 

He loves using his skills to make films which raise funds and awareness for those who need it most. He loves travel, adventure and a tough remote location!  

For more of his work:


Producer / Director

George Cooper


We’ve worked on a selection box of projects with George over the years - from the chaos of canoeing through the north of England, and gatecrashing in Edinburgh to the sensitivity of monologues with Macmillan, he has proved that he can turn his hand to anything.


He describes himself as : Bearded Producer Director. Happiest filming, directing, editing, or edit producing but mainly happiest drinking strong coffee and perfecting ‘mirror face’.

For more of George’s work check out:



Liz Adams


Liz is an experienced editor with over 10 years working in broadcast, commercial and music - specialising in factual and entertainment TV, and was the edit whizz behind our Soccer Aid for UNICEF films in both 2021 and 2022.


She started out directing and cutting music videos and likes to bring some of that style and energy to her edits.  She works with a wide variety of clients including the BBC, Sky, ITV, Sony Music and Universal Records.

You can find out more about Liz if you’d like… and why wouldn't you?


Head of Development​ and HR



In a small company, you need members of staff to turn their hands to anything, and that is who we have in Missy, who heads up our Development, HR and Wellbeing teams. She takes a relaxed approach to time keeping and does nap on the job, but is happy to work for treats.


Seriously though- if you fancy joining our team, or collaborating with us, we are always keen to hear from new nice people, so please do contact us or send your CV here.


You could try emailing Missy, but she will ignore you. She’s like that. 


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